Manage The Workforce

A well-developed functional plan is a great start in managing the workforce. We help business to develop functional strategies that provide sustainable results across the spectrum of HR Delivery.

Employee Performance

Management and employee performance contribute to the achievement of business results. Monitoring performance on an ongoing basis assist in the achievement of results and identifying development needs. It has become necessary to introduce multiple performance feedback which is easy to use, create role clarity and opportunity for engagement regarding performance expectations. Talent Factor offers a range of performance management tools of which all are web based and easily deployed. These are:

  • Traditional Performance Reviews with structured Key Performance areas, indicators and balanced scorecard type summaries. Self-reviews are completed online with manager ratings concluded with development comments completed on the system.
  • 360 Values and Leadership Surveys - Conducted as and when required and allows Line Managers to gain input from Employees peers, and subordinates regarding targeted performance feedback. Surveys are conducted online and full reporting of all 360 results.
  • Level Based Competence reviews - Structured competency descriptors developed in 4 or 5 level reviews enable managers to gain understanding of level of knowledge and skills against pre-determined Competence profiles.

Employee Engagement

Economic pressure contributes to the ability of organisation's to make time for development activities. The current trends ask from organisation's that seventy percent of development activities should be done "On the Job." What is sometime not clear is how organisation's should approach this dilemma. (No Time for training, less budget for training and Development to be done on the job.) An engaged workforce is more productive and deliver result.

Our processes are focused on providing a platform for Line Management and employees to engage on a regular basis around the content of work, required standards of work and role clarity. Our process is measurable, and easily reported upon with Executive overview.

Mobility, Career Paths and Succession

The ability of organisation's to respond to the various requirements from staff in Talent pools is enhanced by good process flow, good data and analytics. It is therefore important to implement practical processes that drive mobility, career paths and succession. Our methodology is supported by the inclusion of Talent management modules that drives the delivery of these processes.

High Potentials

Making sense of what characteristics talent Pools have and how individuals and groups in the Talent Pools need to be managed is what we do. Our easy to use technology solutions enables line management to make a sensible contribution to these processes. Our approach allows us to develop career planning, succession data and mobility data fast and are supported by Industrial Psychologist resources.

Employee Relations

Our focus in Employee relations lies in the planning and mobilization of Organisational restructuring. Our methodology is supported by a framework to plan and execute the different Phases of Organisational Restructuring to ultimately deliver a smooth business transition.

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