Our Partners


Talent Factor is the referral partner for ICIMS recruiting software and Applicant Tracking Systems. We work with ICIMS to bring to clients best in class Recruitment solutions.


Talent Factor partners with the ITD resource pool to deliver Outsourced HR services. Powered by our Aspiration Talent Management software we are able to implement sustainable Talent Management solutions for business on a Software as a service basis.


Cognadev provide innovative assessment and development techniques to identify and leverage talent, manage risk and empower business. Talent Factor collaborate with Cognadev on the application of assessment technology and integration thereof into Talent Management systems.


Afriforte is the commercial arm of the WorkWell Research Unit, Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences, North-West University, Potchefstroom. The main focus of Afriforte is to promote evidence-based human factor and workplace practices by converting cutting edge research into practical risk management tools that link the human factor and workplace functioning to the strategic capability of organisations. The core business of Afriforte is the generation of workplace and human factor business intelligence and metrics.

We partner with Afriforte in providing us with the risk management tools to diagnose, benchmark, and profile human factor and workplace risks for focussed interventions and strategic planning.

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