Our Approach

Our implementation approach is to identify specific needs that require urgent attention in terms of human resource risk. We engage our clients through a Project Scoping workshop or through the use of the Organisational Human Factor Benchmark survey which is used to identify specific HR risk issues.

We then provide our clients with a tailored solution including process and software supported interventions to address issues and implement change in the organisation.

Our clients benefit from a combined experience base of over 40 years in Human Resources. We have worked with some of the continent's leading HR driven organisations.

Our Accelerated Capability Development process is a unique process for capability development of employees in large organisations that has proved to be highly successful in Africa. We engage line managers to assume accountability and ownership for the competence of their direct reports through coaching, assessment and reporting on progress. This results in a significant increase in leverage for skills development in the organisation.

We also base our approach on insisting that there is dialogue, demonstration and disclosure by employees as a methodology which has proved much more effective than classroom based training.

Our approach is further strengthened by ensuring effective support is provided by human resources staff and that there executive review of the process.

Four Focus Areas to Deliver Success

Talent Factor utilises a project management approach that is rolled out in various phases, aimed to manage interventions from start to finish. Our "IMPACT" methodology has been developed to manage interventions and ensure that the desired outcome is achieved.

Our approach encompasses a combination of people, process and technology. We focus on ensuring that our leading edge technology provides the structure to manage new processes and we identify the people impact and the desired behaviour changes that these processes bring.

We use well recognised change management processes to identify what needs to be changed and we partner with our clients in ensuring change is managed effectively and that change initiatives deliver the identified process or capability improvement.

Talent Factor utilises a team of professionally qualified consultants and specialists to ensure high quality delivery to our clients.

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