Level Based Assessments Aspiration Talent Management Module Launched

February 2017

The development team working on our Aspiration Talent Management system completed the development of a level based assessment application. The Level Based Assessment (LBC) tool enables us to roll out Level Based competency assessments into businesses. The application is going live with a major Fuel and Energy client in March 2017. We are excited to develop more opportunities where software solutions can contribute to HR service delivery.

Talent Factor signs partnership deal with iCIMS applicant tracking software provider

February 2017

Talent Factor is proud to announce that iCIMS applicant tracking software will partner with Talent Factor to expand their business in Africa. iCIMS offers best in class applicant tracking software with three major components of the recruitment process. Attract, Recruit and On-board modules are offered. A key differentiator from other applicant tracking service providers is the ability to create links for third party service providers. This takes place in the Unifi market place environment.

DRD Gold Capability Development project

November 2016

DRD Gold has appointed Talent Factor to implement the process and software to drive Accelerated Capability Development at its ERGO Mining operations. Current activity is focused on the development of competence guides for engineering positions

ENGEN Refinery Capability Development Project Launched

March 2016

ENGEN Refinery has appointed Talent Factor to implement the process and software to drive Accelerated Capability at its Durban based refinery. Brian Fenton who is the project lead commented that we are impressed with the fact that ENGEN has identified the opportunity to expand the ACD methodology to the Refinery division. This further proves that the ACD methodology is not industry specific and can be applied in multiple environments. Current activity is focused on the development of competence guides for the Refinery engineering and operations positions.

ENGEN Retail Capability Project going live

February 2016

ENGEN appointed Talent Factor to implement its Accelerated Capability Development process across the Operations Division in May 2014. The successful launch of the ENGEN Operations Academy took place in April 2015 with a total of 76 profiles rolling out across National Operations. Over 100 line managers have been trained to conduct on the job assessments. The capability progress is tracked across the group.

ENGEN Retail division followed in the footsteps of Operations and also launched its Capability development project. The Talent Factor team are supporting the process and have launched Phase 1 in the Retail division.

TWO RIVERS Mine appoints Talent Factor Plant Academy to conduct RPL process.

February 2016

Two Rivers Platinum Mine has appointed Talent Factor Plant Academy to facilitate a full recognition of Prior Learning process at Two Rivers Plants. The project will run two years and will include upskilling of plant operators. Talent Factor uses its Aspiration Capability software to track progress on competence acquisition for this type of project.

Talent Factor achieves full Mine Qualifications Authority accreditation and ISO 9001 certification

January 2016

We are delighted to announce that the Talent Factor Plant Academy has achieved full accreditation with the Mine Qualifications Authority. Carol Brandt is the Manager Plant Academy and also serves on the QCTO working group for Metallurgical Qualifications. Talent Factor will be providing accredited skills training to the industry with focus on Gold, Uranium, Coal and Platinum. Part of our Academy offering includes Skills programs, Qualifications and the Accelerated Capability Development process.

Capability Development SAB Africa

January 2016

The Talent Factor team is making excellent progress to further contribute to the SAB capability development across Africa. Accelerated Capability or as it is known in SAB CAP – Competence Acquisition process is now fully implemented in 10 African countries for clear beer sections. Further progress was made with the appointment of Talent Factor to further roll out the Aspiration Software management solution to 4 additional countries in the Traditional Beverages Sales Division. Talent Factor further tracks and reports on Capability development for SAB Miller across Africa utilising a consolidated dashboard that is updated automatically from the countries on a daily basis

DISTELL Sales Force Capability Development Project launched

December 2015

Talent Factor launched in December 2015 the Distell Sales Force capability development Project. The project aims at uplifting skills levels of all Distell Sales teams utilizing the Accelerated Capability methodology and the Aspiration cloud based Software solution..

JSE appoints Talent Factor team to conduct Engagement Survey and 360 Leadership and Values survey.

September 2015

Talent Factor has been awarded the contract to conduct an Organisational Human Factor benchmark engagement survey at the JSE. To compliment this Talent Factor also conducted a 360 Values and Leadership survey for the JSE utilizing the Aspiration 360 Appraisal Module. Following the successful completion of the two projects, Talent Factor was appointed to do the annual 360 Values and Leadership survey.

Talent Factor @ the SABPP 2nd Launch of the New HR Standards 28 August 2014

Place: Sandton Convention Centre
Date: 28 August 2014
Agenda: Launch of SA National HR System Standard, SABPP

SAB Miller Nigeria Implements Aspiration Software to manage capability development

August 2014

SAB Miller Nigeria has implemented the e-capability module of the Talent Management Software system to manage skills acquisition across four companies for their Nigeria based operations. The software will track competence sign off progress of employees in all disciplines but with a specific focus on technical, operations and sales.

Talent Factor achieves Mine Qualifications Authority accreditation

July 2014

We are delighted to announce that the Talent Factor Plant division has achieved provisional accreditation with the MQA. Hennie Prinsloo, Snr Metallurgist and Plant Learning and Development specialist who managed the process commented that the hard work paid off. Talent Factor will be providing accredited skills training to the industry with focus on Gold, Uranium, Coal and Platinum.

Sibanye Academy appoints Talent Factor to provide accredited Metallurgical Training

July 2014

Following our MQA accreditation and successful project phase at Gold One, Sibanye Academy has appointed Talent Factor to run Plant Skills training. Phase one will focus to establish short skills programs at the Academy situated close to Carletonville. The Talent Factor Plant team is excited to work with the Sibanye Academy in developing skills for Sibanye Gold Plant delivery.

ENGEN appoints Talent Factor to implement Operations Academy

May 2014

We are delighted to work with ENGEN Operations division to implement the Operations Academy for them. The foundation deliverable for this project is based on our accelerated capability development methodology and Aspiration Talent Management software focusing on structuring and tracking capability development. This will be followed by the creation of Operations Academy Modules that will be aligned to key operational competencies identified as part of our ACD (Accelerated Capability Development) programme.

GROWTHPOINT appoints Talent Factor to provide talent management consulting and to implement performance, training and succession planning software

April 2014

Growthpoint have appointed Talent Factor to compile job profiles and performance contracts across their Retail, Industrial and Commercial divisions and as a first phase to capture these on our Aspiration cloud based software on their behalf. This will be followed by performance management process and system training. The next phase will involve the setup of our ACD (accelerated capability development) process and will include the capture of key training and succession planning information on the Talent Management Software system. This will enable Growthpoint to comply with the performance management and learning and development elements of the new SABPP national HR standards.

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