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    Talent Management & Technology Consultants
    Integrated consulting and technology solutions to drive excellence in
    Performance, Capability and Succession
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    Performance Management, Talent management and
    Capability Development Bureau Service
    Designed to make the management of organisational talent management
    processes work effectively utilising cloud based technology.

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    Aspiration Talent Management Software
    - Performance Management
    - 360 Appraisal
    - Capability Management
    - Training Management
    - Career & Succession Planning

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    Accelerated Capability Development
    Talent Factor has a developed a successful formula
    for rapidly accelerating employee and management capability.

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    HR & HR Risk Consulting
    Talent Factor provides professional consulting services and state of the art
    diagnostic tools to survey organisational risk and to partner with our clients in
    implementing strategies to address high risk issues that are identified.

Our Solutions

How can we create a solution for you?

Accelerated Capability Development

Successfully used to drive up competence
and skills

Aspiration Talent Software

User Friendly, Integrated and Secure, Cloud or Intranet Deployment, Instant Activation

Outsourced Talent Management

Bureau service to manage and develop talent using Cloud based Technology

HR and HR Risk Consulting

State of the art diagnostic tools and targeted
interventions to address gaps

Plant Skills Training

Accredited Provider of Metallurgy Training in
the mining sector

Safety and Health Consulting

Safety consulting and
audit services

Performance - Capability - Succession

Meet our team

Using an integrated approach of providing the key building blocks for effective talent management combined with state of the art technology, we are able to partner with organisations in driving superior talent placement, key skills development, performance management and effective career and succession strategies.


Marius Jacobs

A distinct professional in Human Resources Management and the implementation of effective HR and Business turnaround projects.

Brian Fenton

A specialist in technology based talent management solutions and implementation of the accelerated capability development process.


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