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    Talent Management & Technology Consultants
    Integrated consulting and technology solutions to drive excellence in
    Performance, Capability and Succession
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    Performance Management, Talent management and
    Capability Development Bureau Service
    Designed to make the management of organisational talent management
    processes work effectively utilising cloud based technology.

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    Aspiration Talent Management Software
    - Performance Management
    - 360 Appraisal
    - Capability Management
    - Training Management
    - Career & Succession Planning
    - Level Based Assessment

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    Recruit With Simplicity & Success
    Recruit the people you need easily and effectively. With the support of a leading applicant
    tracking system, reach more job seekers, streamline your processes, and make better hiring
    decisions. Simple to use and built to meet your needs, iCIMS Recruit helps you recruit for
    the best, at your best.

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    Accelerated Capability Development
    Talent Factor has a developed a successful formula
    for rapidly accelerating employee and management capability.

Our Solutions

How can we create Solutions for You?

Recruitment Technology

Designed to help you win the War in Talent our approaches incorporate technology offering and consulting services.

Talent Management Technology

The Aspiration Talent Management suite provides a total modular solution for the effective management of talent for your organisation.

Workforce Strategy

If you fail to plan - You Plan to Fail. Our workforce strategy elements incorporate an integrated approach to help deliver the right people management programs to generate a sustainable business.

Manage The Workforce

A well-developed functional plan is a great start in managing the workforce. We help business to develop functional strategies that provide sustainable results across the spectrum of HR Delivery.

Learning & Development

Our Training and Development processes are designed to simplify the process of capability development with practical On the Job, accredited and ISO compliant processes.

Survey Solutions

We offer a comprehensive suite of surveys and consultative support to help you gain critical insights into your business. Let us take the pain to plan, administer and run your organisation surveys.

Performance - Capability - Succession

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